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send ahead

посылать вперед или впереди чего-л. It`s best to send the heavy cases ahead. Two soldiers was sent ahead of the main group to examine the position. I`ve sent ahead to the hotel to ask them to keep a room for us.

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send along - посылать (кого-л., что-л.) к кому-л., куда-л. When the visitors arrive, send them along straight away. I`ll send the book along to you in a few days. Send the letters along to my office.
send around - рассылать Have you sent around the notice about the Christmas party yet?
send away - а) высылать, посылать; to send away for smth. - посылать за чем-л. I think it`s best to send the boy away to school, he`s getting no proper education here. б) прогонять; увольнять The teacher had been sent away on account of immoral behaviour. в) (for) заказывать, выписывать We have sent away for a new dictionary.
send before - а) предавать в руки закона Peter was sent before the court last week on a charge of drunken driving. б) представить (вопрос, предложение и т. п.) на обсуждение Your suggestion will be sent before the board of directors at their next meeting.

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