scrape along Англо-Русский Словарь

scrape along

перебиваться; еле-еле сводить концы с концами I scraped along until my next cheque arrived, by borrowing from my relations.

см. также другие слова , начинающиеся на S:
scrape away - отчищать, отскабливать
scrape by - = scrape along
scrape down - а) соскрести, соскоблить Tom scraped down all four walls in the room.
scrape in - а) пробираться, протискиваться; втискиваться, влезать, пролезать The train was crowded, but I scraped in just before the door closed. б) пролезать (в институт и т. п.) Many men who only scrape in to the army college make the best officers.
scrape off - соскребать, соскабливать Let the mud dry, so that it will be easier to scrape off (your shoes).
scrape out - выскребать; выкапывать The children loved scraping out the bowl in which we had mixed the cake. This animal scrapes out a hole in the sand to lay its eggs in.
scrape through - а) пробираться, протискиваться Our dog used to escape by scraping through the bars of the fence. б) еле выдержать (экзамен и т. п.) Jane got into the music school by scraping through the examination.
scrape together - а) сгребать (в одну кучу) Scrape the dead leaves together into a pile. б) (collective noun собирательное имя существительное) наскрести; накопить по мелочам (деньги) The villagers scraped together enough money to send the boy to hospital. в) собрать с трудом (группу и т. п.) Many of the players were delayed by the snow storm, but we were able to scrape a team together.

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