push down Англо-Русский Словарь

push down

нажимать, надавливать; The grass had been pushed down in places where people had been lying.

см. также другие слова , начинающиеся на P:
push for - а) настаивать, приставать; оказывать давление; We must push for a reduction in the size of our classes. б) (past indefinite прошлое)ss. (collective noun собирательное имя существительное) не хватать (денег, времени и т. д.); I can`t see anyone else today, I`m pushed for time as it is.
push forward - а) торопиться; стремиться вперед; The officer ordered the soldiers to push their advance forward. б) продвигать; способствовать осуществлению; Whatever happens, we must push forward with our plans to increase production. The newspaper report has certainly pushed the idea forward.
push in - а) вталкивать, впихивать; We can`t push any more people in, the bus is full! He tried to push more clothes in the case. б) грубо прерывать (разговор и т. п.); We were just having a peaceful conversation when my neighbour pushed in without being asked. в) приближаться к берегу
push into - а) вталкивать, впихивать (во что-л.); It`s impossible to push any more people into this train! б) заставлять, принуждать (делать что-л.); She was unwilling to try, and had to be pushed into it. Some of the students had to be pushed into working for the examination.

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