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pull aside

оттащить (в сторону); отдергивать (на одну сторону); Pulling the curtain aside, he looked down into the street. Try to pull the chairman aside after the meeting.

см. также другие слова , начинающиеся на P:
pull at - а) дергать; тянуть; Pull at that bell rope, and a servant will come. Stop pulling at my skirt. б) затягиваться (папиросой и т. п.); Harold pulled at his pipe while he considered what decision to make. в) тянуть (из бутылки); He just pulled at the bottle until he was satisfied.
pull away - а) выдергивать, выхватывать; The mother pulled the child away from the fire just in time. б) грести без остановки; Pull away, boys! A little more effort, and we`ll soon reach the shore. в) отрываться (о лидере); рвануть (со стоянки и т. п.); The leader is pulling away now, and is sure to win. Just as I was pulling away from the parking place, another car crashed into mine.
pull back - а) отдергивать, оттаскивать, оттягивать; He pulled the curtain back and looked down into the street. The mother putted the child back from the flames just in time. б) отступать; отводить (войска); The crowd pulled back to let the firemen through. We decided to pull back our forces and try to advance again tomorrow. в) сократить расходы; With the reduction in the money allowed, we shall have to pull back on our spending. г) (music музыка) замедлять темп; When you sing this song, try not to pull back as it makes it dull. д) (nautical морской; мореходный) табанить

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